Exterior Detailing

  • Detailed washing and drying of all exterior surfaces and wheel arch areas.
  • Masking of rubber trim and exterior body moulds. (Essential in avoiding the contamination of these porous materials from polish and compounds).
  • Compounding of the duco. (cut and polish). This procedure removes surface scuffs, automatic car wash damage to paint, etching, fine surface marks, etc.
  • Swirl removal and waxing to add gloss and protection to paintwork.
  • Exterior trim conditioning.
  • Bright work (e.g. chrome) cleaned and polished.
  • Alloy wheels cleaned.
  • Paint overspray removal.
  • De etching of watermarks from glass.
  • Graffiti damage removal.
  • Metallic fallout removal.
  • Concrete splash removal.
  • Paint sealant/Paint protection package.
  • Headlight lens restoration.

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service Exterior Detailing Photo 1Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service Exterior Detailing Photo 2