Interior Detailing

  • Interior steam cleaning and sanitizing of the interior fabric surfaces, (Seats and carpets).
  • Removal of dirt and grime from all nooks and crannies and switches using compressed air.
  • Cleaning and conditioning of all vinyl surfaces, such as door trims, dashboard and consoles, etc.
  • Cleaning and conditioning of leather seats and trim using dedicated automotive leather conditioners.
  • Non steam clean methods of dirt removal on rooflinings.
  • Removal of bad odors such as vomit, food spills, cigarette smell etc. Using ultra violet light I first locate hidden spills, then using a combination of steam cleaning and the introduction of completely safe but effective protein altering solutions (not cheap ineffective masking agents like deodorizers).
  • Dog hair removal requires specialized tools to extract and dedicated products for effective odour removal.
  • Scotchguarding of interior upholstery using the latest and most advanced formulas for ultimate fabric protection and stain resistance.