Red GTS.

Camaro Front/Engine

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service - Camaro Front/Engine
A vehicle I prepared for the 2011 Jim Beam Fathers Day competition. It was on public exhibit at numerous car shows and for photographic shoots. . .stunning black paintwork needed the most meticulous attention.

Callaway Int/Ext

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service - Callaway interior/Exterior
All traces of the massive conversion from left to right hand drive needed to be removed, leather trim cleaned and conditioned, carpets steam cleaned to evacuate dust, every nook and cranny attended to.

Corvette Convertible

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service - Corvette Convertible
This is not the most high end car of its type . . . .but an enthusiasts "cruiser" and pride and joy. . .interior was looking neglected . . . .but the beauty within this beast was restored. A most satisfying vehicle to work on.

Callaway Engine

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service - Callaway Engine
Z06 Callaway Corvette. First of its type converted anywhere in the world to right hand drive. The conversion work to Right hand drive was exhaustive . . .the detailing work on paint and trim had to match the owners investment and highlight this magnificent car. Engine, paintwork and interior trim had to "glow" . . .a simply magnificent car to work on.

57 Chevrolet Belair

Carina Mobile Car Detailing Service - 57 Chevrolet Belair
A true automotive classic. Mountains of chrome, acres of neglected paint . . .Gave me a chance to create some megashine for a stunning show car finish.